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67 Reasons to Love South Africa


Amore Rosslee

  • I am proud to be a South African, because only in South Africa we “braai”. In other countries they call it a barbeque and nothing comes near South African “braai” food.
  • South Africa is the second largest exporter of fruit in the world. South Africa is also the world’s largest producer of macadamia nuts.
  • South Africa has the longest wine route in the world. South Africa also has the oldest wine industry outside of Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Kruger National Park supports the greatest variety of wildlife species on the African continent as well as the Big 5 is very special to South Africa.
  • South Africa has the oldest meteor scar in the world, just across the Vaal River near Parys, called the Vredefort Dome. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Kimberley has the biggest man-made hole in the world, but in Jagersfontein it has the deepest vertical man-made hole.

Anne Gouws

  • The word ubuntu that originated from Africa which means humanity towards others

Annette Malherbe

  • Familie
  • Chutney
  • Klimaat
  • Braaivleis
  • Chappies


  • Nowhere else in the world does anyone understand what the term now-now means… and that it can be anything from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours or days.


  • Sunshine and braai!



  • We are one of only 13 countries that are home to the ‘Big Five’; a collection of animals that got their title from hunters, who marked them as ‘the toughest five animals to hunt.

Who are the Big Five?

  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Rhino
  • Leopard
  • Buffalo


  • Ek hou van Suid-Afrika se verskillende klimaatstreke, waar jy een oomblik nog by die see kan wees en na net n paar ure terug in die bosveld. Ek hou van die verskeidenheid diere in ons land , waar anders kry jy die groot 5, mense kom besoek ons land soms slegs net om die groot 5 te kan sien.
  • Ek hou van ons land se top gehalte wyn wat selfs by groot restaurante oorsee bedien word en ons beeldskone wynplase regoor die land. Ek hou van ons land se warm somers waar mens kan uitspan op ons spierwit strande en ons koue winters waar jy kan wyn drink en biltong eet langs n warm kaggel.
  • Ek hou van Suid-Afrika want ek glo nie jy kry iewers anders mense wat so lekker kan braai en kuier soos ons nie.

Jane Motshabi

  • Ke motlotlo go nna Aforika Borwa ka gore:
  • Re setshaba se se ikadileng ka dipuo tse masome a mangwe(11), seo se dira gore re kopane re le setshaba sa batho. Re nale mafelo le ditlhago di le dintsi mo Aforika Borwa a a re supetsang ngwao ya rona le mo re tswang teng. Pina ya setshaba e nale dipuo tsotlhe tsa Aforika Borwa, seo se kaya ha re kgona go kopana ka sengwe le sengwe. Dijo tsa Aforika Borwa di farologanye mo ditshabeng tsotlhe mo lehatseng jaaka Biltong,Pap le Boerewors.
  • Ke ka moo ke kgonang go sa tshabe ebile ke le motlotlo gore ke mo Aforika.


  • I am proud to be a South African based on that:
  • We are a nation dignified by 11 languages, that is the reason we are bonded together. We have a lot of places and nature in South Africa which symbolises our heritage and cultures. The national anthem has most of  the South African languages, which is an indication that we are a Rainbow Nation. Our food is different from other nations/countries such as Biltong, Pap and Boerewors and that is unique.
  • In that way I am very happy and proud to an African.

Jason van Tonder

  • 1 of the things I like about living in South Africa is – is to braai, while watching rugby and to drink beer and eat biltong.


Ek is ‘n kind van Suid-Afrika,
gevorm deur mense eie aan ons spesiale land,





waar groen koringlande my speelparkie is,






die geblêr van ‘n lammetjie vroeg op ‘n wintersoggend die teken van hoop is,






en die mooiste sonsondergange my daaraan herinner dat daar wel ‘n Groter Hand is,





Dit is my land: Suid-Afrika



Ke yona naha feela ka bophara eo falakga ya yona e mmala e tseletseng.

(The only National Flag in the world with six colours).

  1. Iindlela Evulekileyo neyoku paka mahala.

(Open roads and free parking)


Re wa setshaba o senkitlang wa lebala go umaka leina la gagwe ha o bua ka Aforika Borwa ka gore ke mongwe wa batho ba ileng ba re etela pele gore naya kgololesego e re iphitlhela re leng mo go yona gompieno.

(Father of the Nation, can never go unmentioned when it is he who lead South Africa into the freedom that we enjoy today).


  • Ke motlotlo go ba mo Aforika Borwa. Ntlheng le kgetlhololo ya letso la mmala re kgona go Bona kgololosego ka rra rona Nelson Mandela.
  • English: I am proudly South African because though we had disadvantaged historical background, we have conquered as a nation with thanks to the father of nation Mr Nelson Mandela.
  • Re setshaba se sengwe le merafe yotlhe, re na le di puo tse di monate tse di farologaneng. Ke ikgantsha ka naga ya rona.
  • English: We are rainbow nation with a variety of cultures, with different languages. I am proud of our country.


  • The people in Bloem is the most warm and friendliest people  in the whole South-Africa . Not even the people in Cape Town is so nice even if they have lot of wine farms .
  • The people in bloem still have respect for each other even if it is just greeting back with smile.


  • In SA is die weer lekker meeste van die tyd
  • Daar is altyd iemand wat graag  rondom n vuur bymekaar wil kom en braai
  • Roosterkoek met botter en kaas
  • Melktert, Malva en Koeksister (daar is selfs n monument in Orania vir n koeksister)
  • Bloemfontein is sentraal gelee aan die see, die bosveld en berge, vakansie keuses is maklik


I love my country.  It is impossible to list all the good things, but here is a few:

We, the people of South Africa,

Recognise the injustices of our past;

Honour those who suffered for justice and freedom in our land;

Respect those who have worked to build and develop our country; and

Believe that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity.

We therefore, through our freely elected representatives, adopt this Constitution as the supreme law of the Republic so as to ­

  • Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights;
  • Lay the foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law;
  • Improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person; and
  • Build a united and democratic South Africa able to take its rightful place as a sovereign state in the family of nations.

May God protect our people.

Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika. Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso.

God seën Suid-Afrika. God bless South Africa.

Mudzimu fhatutshedza Afurika. Hosi katekisa Afrika.

  • The rest of the world do not know how to make a good pudding.  Jip, it’s true. Nobody can ever beat Malva pudding with lashings of cream, or what about Peppermint Crips Tart, Melktert and koeksisters?
  • While we are on the food subject, what would life be without these wonderful truly SA products?
    • Marmite
    • Pecks vissmeer
    • Mrs Balls
    • Rooibostee
    • Cream Soda – the rest of the world can try, but they just can’t get this one right
    • Krummelpap in die oggend wat so bietjie gebrand het
    • Braaibroodjies
    • Biltong met geelvet
    • Pamoenkoekies for Sunday lunch
    • Bokkoms op toast
  • While our sea may not be turquoise blue and our beaches not perfect white sand, we most certainly have the best waves to body surf.  Trust me.  I’ve tried the rest.  It’s just not the same.
  • On a more serious note, I am proud of our president and most of our past presidents.
  • I love Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
  • Die grasvlaktes van die Vrystaat.  Die Karoo.  Die berge van die Oos-Vrystaat.  Die reuk as jy naby aan die see kom. Die Weskaap.  Johannesburg se bome.  Pretoria se Jakarandabome. Graaff-Reinet. Die Drakensberge.   Ek kan heeldag aanhou.  Kyk bietjie hoe mooi is dit om jou.

Maria Nel

Below are a few reasons why I am personally happy and proud to be a South African living in Bloemfontein:

  • I am proud to be a South African as we as South Africans have the most diverse cultures than any other nationality which functions together.
  • I am proud to be a South African in Bloemfontein as this is the centre of South Africa where rural areas are not too far and the city is not too big, thus as a Bloemfonteiner I experience and get in contact with both types of living conditions. (Rural and city life)
  • I am happy to be a South African (coming form a farm background) as this has taught me where food in super markets come from and taught me to respect all processes for live maintenance.
  • I am proud to be South African as the colours of our nation does not consist of only green and gold but of all colours. Implying that we as South Africans accept all forms of uniqueness around us.
  • I am proud of being a South African as it means regardless of your background, you can achieve anything in this country as if you made no mistake but show that you learned from these mistakes and that they shaped a better citizen.
  • I am happy to live in Bloemfontein as the stars and natural beauty of the world has not gone lost between skyscrapers and traffic/street lights and can still be observed with ease.
  • I am proud of being a South African as I am part of a rich history with numerous monuments and important people who played important parts towards South Africa’s development all over the country.


  • I am happy to be a resident in Bloemfontein as there are no terrible traffic congestions forcing me to drive 3 hours before an appointment to be on time.
  • I am happy to be Bloemfontein resident as regardless of all the suburbs and traffic it only takes maximum 30 minutes to be on the complete other side of the city.
  • I am proud to be a resident in Bloemfontein as all shops (major or small) are all conveniently located as close as possible to everybody’s homes and are open to accommodate everyone who are working tight shifts or flexi hours.
  • I am happy to be a resident of Bloemfontein as there are various fun places to relax such as beautiful parks and gardens or nurseries and to let off steam such as gyms in every neighbourhood or amusement places such as Elude Escape Rooms and Cinemas.
  • I am proud to be a resident of Bloemfontein as our university are considered one of the best in South Africa and regardless of all the students coming to Bloemfontein on a yearly basis, Bloemfontein still remains balanced and has not become a student-city.
  • I am happy to be a resident of Bloemfontein as there are numerous schools in all suburbs and all start at different intervals and times to ensure that there are easy flowing traffic to eliminate long hours spent on the roads.
  • I am happy to be a resident of Bloemfontein as although there are water crisis or refuse is not being collected that 3rd outside parties step in and accommodate other who cannot afford water or who do not have trailers to remove waste. (Outsourcing of basic needs and rights when others strike)


Kom ons waardeer die vars lug om van te lewe!

(nie besoedel soos in Japan… of Indie nie)

Geniet die warm sonskyn weer wat ons laat onthou ons lewe!!!!

(nie altyd bewolk en renerig soos in Engeland nie)

Ons is bevoorreg om in so ‘n maklike stad te woon..

(ons sit nie vir ure in die verkeer oppad werk toe nie)



In die middle – soos ‘n oogappel !!!!!!!!



Our diverse cultural backgrounds
Love for sport
The degree of unity which we’ve achieved thus far
Our beautiful national anthem

I am proud of the beautiful landscapes and stunning natural landmarks which our country has to offer.


SA has 290 000 windmills throughout the country, second only in number to Australia


Reasons to be proud of being a South African

  • Our country has a rich history.  A history that drew international attention to the country for various reasons. Being born post-apartheid, I value the history that this country has, I value the sacrifices made by those who came before me. I value the sacrifices of those who fought relentlessly for the beautiful rainbow nation we have today. South Africa is a country that came out of great adversity and it survived some horrific atrocities committed against its citizens, black and white. Today I am proud to be a citizen of a country that was able to soar above its differences and unite to uphold the rights of every South African. Names like Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada, Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Winnie Mandela, Lillian Ngoyi make me proud to walk the streets of this country with friends of different races, gender and background knowing we are not different from one another, we have the same blood running in our veins and we share the same invaluable history – winners and victors of triumph and struggle.

Izizathu zokuziqhenya ngokuba nguMzantsi Afrika

  • Ilizwe lethu linomlando ocebileyo. Iimbali ezenza ingqalelo kwihlabathi jikelele ngezizathu ezahlukahlukeneyo. Ukuzalwa emva kombandlululo, ndiyayixabisa imbali yeli lizwe, ndiyayixabisa imibingelelo eyenziwa ngabo bafika phambi kwam. Ndiyayixabisa imibingelelo yabalwe bahlala balwa ngokukhawuleza kwilizwe  elihle lomlambo esinalo namhlanje. UMzantsi Afrika lilizwe  elalivela kwiinkxwaleko ezinkulu kwaye kwasinda ubuninzi obubi obubhekiselele kubemi balo, abamnyama nabamhlophe. Namhlanje ndiqhayisa ukuba ngummi welizwe  elikwazi ukunyuka ngaphezu kweyantlukwano kunye nokudibanisa ukuxhasa amalungelo abo bonke abemi baseMzantsi Afrika. Amagama afana noNelson Mandela, u-Ahmed Kathrada, uJoe Slovo, uRuth First, uWinnie Mandela, uLillian Ngoyi enza siziqhenye ngeendlela zeli lizwe kunye nabahlobo beentlanga ezahlukileyo, ubulili kunye nolwazi ngokungazi ukuba ahluke omnye komnye, sine gazi elifanayo emithanjeni yethu kwaye  nembali efanayo-singabaphumeleleyo nabanqobileyo bokunqoba kunye umzabalazo


  • South Africa has the most richest language diversity of 12 when Braille is considered as well compared demographically to other countries in size and amount of languages.
  • South Africa is the most southern country where we can witness a yellow/orange/red sunset due to the dust particles in the air caused by our vast nature and wildlife reserves.
  • I am happy to be South African as we have the most beautiful coast line and even a garden route.
  • I am proud to be a South African where one of the new 7 wonders of the world (Table Mountain) is easily accessible even if you are on the other side of the country.
  • I am a proud South African because our history is rich, including a war and many travellers whom are well known through history.
  • South Africa has the boere, the Khoi-San and other traditional tribes that are still present yet they have evolved and modernised through the ages.
  • We as a country, given our size, have a range from rivers, mountains, waterfalls, forests and deserts – including hot springs!
  • South Africa experience all types of weather, from thunder storms, to snow, draught etc.
  • I am proud that we have what we call our own and did not only copy or take from others like – biltong, the big 5 etc.
  • As a nation South Africans find other South Africans when abroad and we greet each other like family and we feel united when this happens.


  • South African braai with “braaibroodtjies” and “boerewors

Tania Botes

  • I am proud to be a South African as we have The Big Five and our country is the home of the most amazing wildlife and some of the last rhinos left on the planet.
  • I am proud to be a South African as we as South Africans comes together at big sport events where we forget about colour and race and just become South Africans with the most amazing sport spirit.


  • Embracing the many cultures that we have in the country through food. In a household a family can easily have tripe, bunny chows, bobotie and then top it off with everyone’s favourite… A braai.
  • So the diversity we express through our food.


  • South Africa really is the only place in the world where you shop at the robot. Be it for a newspaper, cellphone charger, sunglasses, beaded art work and toys.
  • Our Beautiful multi-coloured South African flag. LOVE IT!
  • We’re the home of Rooibos tea and Ouma Rusks
  • We are a passionate sporting nation with a song like shosholoza and vuvuzelas


  • I am proud of where I live because I am able to work at Newtons where I found the largest group of caring people who makes everyday a good day. At Newtons the people are not only colleagues, they become family and people to look up to as they teach us to be humble and appreciative of everything that we have and hold dear.


  • Nowhere else do the stars shine as brightly and as beautifully as right here in the central part of this beautiful country. The Milky Way, the Southern Cross…
  • Giraffes right on our doorstep.
  • Thousand year old Olienhout trees.
  • The birdlife in the Free State is one of the most after in the birding circles


  • The Argus, Two Oceans and weekly park-runs


Adv. Jannie Lubbe SC

  • Great Constitution
  • Backed by a strong independent judiciary.
  • Freedom of speech.