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1/4 Apple Award Winners


Congratulations to Jason Rothman on receiving the 1/4 Apple Award for his dedication, excellence and commitment to Newtons!


Congratulations to the 1/4 Apple Awards Lucky Draw Winners from left to right: Jason Rothman, Elrico Greyvenstein, Managing Partner Cedric Peterson, Joseph Adam, Marie van der Merwe and Willie van der Merwe


Congratulations to Icy Jooste on her 10 Year Long service Award

Congratulations to Carel Barkhuizen on his 15 Year Long service Award

Congratulations to Joseph Adam on his 15 Year Long Service Award

Congratulations to Nicholas Newman on his 10 Year Long Service Award


Congratulations to Marie van der Merwe for her 30 Years Long Service Award


Congratulations to Elrico Greyvenstein for his 5 Year Long Service Award


Congratulations to Inge Oehley on her 5 Year Long Service Award


Congratulations to Vivian Ntlati on her 35 Year Long service Award

Newton’s laws of life

A1After many years in practice, dealing with many people and attending many seminars and workshops I have picked up a couple of points which I would like to share with everybody.

This is not intended to be a motivational or other speech but merely points which I would like you to consider and it will give me great satisfaction if any of them can be helpful to you in your daily life.

Please read through slowly and enjoy.

Law 1

Listen, think and then speak

Whether in business or in your personal life you will be amazed to realise how many people do not listen to what someone else is saying, do not think about what that person has said and often speak without having listened or thought.

You can only understand the issues and make good and accurate decisions if you listen carefully, think about what has been said and then offer your opinion. This is indeed relevant in all aspects of life. It will definitely give you a competitive advantage in business dealings but is equally important in personal relationships.

Law 2

Positive thoughts

It’s much easier to be negative rather than to be positive. It also takes 10 positive people to negate a negative person.

You will however be surprised how much better life is if you are positive. Positive thinking is better for your mind, body and overall health, and will not only lead to a happier lifestyle but also a healthier lifestyle.

As negative thoughts are so easy, it is important to force them out and replace them with positive thoughts. This does not always come naturally and a concerted effort has to be made to change a negative mind-set.

You will achieve more, be healthier and have more enjoyment by having a positive outlook.

Law 3

Don’t worry unnecessarily

Don’t waste time and energy stressing about all the possible things that could go wrong. This creates unnecessary stress and is in fact a waste of time especially if you do not have any control over the outcome.

You will find that most of these things do not happen and you have spent all that energy on matters that you could, in any case, not control.

Deal with it, if and when it happens.

Law 4

Not problems only opportunities

We are constantly being challenged by tasks, some small and meaningless, some large and important. One must not view these as problems but as opportunities. This change of approach will not only allow you to deal with the matter more easily but could be turned into a positive outcome.

There is a story of a person whose life was just plain sailing with no hint of any trouble whatsoever for a period of time. He fell to his knees and asked: “God don’t you trust me anymore?”

If your body doesn’t allow you to play rugby anymore, it might be an opportunity to start playing golf!

If you lose your job, it might be an opportunity to start your own business!

Don’t refer to matters as problems but rather see them as opportunities.

Law 5

Deal with it

When confronted with a number of tasks, tackle the most difficult one first and then the rest will be easy.

An issue does not go away by ignoring it. It is often not as bad as it seems if dealt with quickly and honestly. The longer it is avoided the worse it seems and gets.

If you get back to the office and there are 5 calls to return, one of which you are dreading to make then phone that one back first.

Law 6

Love yourself

The way you feel about yourself is reflected to others. Don’t be too hard on yourself or be too self-critical. You might even have to bulls#%t yourself a bit, but love yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anybody else to!

Law 7

Live life

We only live once so we might as well enjoy it.

If you find yourself in a rut and board, try this: take a different route to work every morning. You will be fascinated by what different things you see. Driving to work doesn’t have to be boring. Make life interesting.

Don’t make life too complicated. Enjoy.

This article is a general information sheet and should not be used or relied on as professional advice. No liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or damage arising from reliance upon any information herein. Always contact your financial adviser for specific and detailed advice. (E&OE)